Fulvic Acid Minerals in Natural Shilajit

Fulvic Acid Minerals Natural Shilajit

Fulvic Acid Minerals in Natural Shilajit

Our modern agricultural methods, we have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows, which prevents truly rich Fulvic Acid from ever forming. In addition, high-power industrial washing of fruits and vegetables strips away any Fulvic Acid that might be clinging to that produce from where it was grown.

Fulvic Acid Minerals Natural Shilajit

Why Fulvic Acid Minerals Matter?

As you know, there are many key minerals that are essential for good health. Unfortunately, the typical foods and supplements in most supermarkets simply can’t provide the quantity and quality of minerals our bodies need to be strong and healthy. The epidemic of osteoporosis and osteopenia in America—even among women who religiously take bone-building supplements—is a perfect example.

However, this issue goes way beyond bone health. Minerals are vital for literally every biochemical function in every organ system in the human body—from transmitting a nerve impulse to making a muscle fiber twitch, neutralizing a toxic free radical, regulating thyroid hormones, and recharging a red blood cell with oxygen. And there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that deficiencies of minerals are at the root of many major health problems, including thyroid disease, cancers, neuropathies, immune deficiencies, and fatigue disorders.

Shilajit offers both Humic acid and Fulvic Acid

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid – two powerful mineral complexes, combination of both acids helps in the easy absorption of the nutrients, the body gets enough nutrition from food you eating. Shilajit boasts 85 trace minerals, full-spectrum amino acids, enzymes, and dense phytonutrients. This replaces most synthetic supplements and gives your body the active nutrients it needs to fully activate live food. It also support proper biochemical reactions in plants and animals and optimizes cell response.

Fulvic Acid is naturally high in electrolytes and antioxidants

The other key health benefit of Fulvic Acid is its ability to help the body assimilate nutrients, it can help transport nutrients throughout the body and across cell walls and increases your body’s ability to actually absorb them as well.

Fulvic Acid help boost energy, promote cell life, improve circulation, enhance endurance and stimulate metabolism. Additionally, the compound helps remineralize the body, control inflammation, regulate hormone production, boost the immune system and promote brain function. Fulvic Acid also serves as a natural libido stimulator as well as a cleansing and detoxing agent.

Fulvic Acid Minerals Natural Shilajit

Fulvic Acid Minerals Natural Shilajit

In addition to the above benefits, Fulvic Acid may also:

  • Control Inflammation
  • Stimulate Metabolism
  • Regulate The Thyroid And Thymus Glands
  • Oxygenate The Blood
  • Maintain Optimum Alkalinity
  • Increase Energy
  • Rid The Body Of Oxidants And Free Radicals
  • Extend The Time Nutrients Remain Active
  • Restore Electrochemical Balance
  • Help Rebuild The Immune System

Experts agree that most people should consider taking natural Shilajit in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many of us suffer from a mineral deficiency or imbalance that we either don’t recognize or attribute to other factors in our environment.

How to take Shilajit?

The recommended amount of Shilajit for general use and to maintain optimal health is a pea sized portion (around 300-500 mg) per day. You can simply mix it in with your favorite drink every morning. Consistency is key with Shilajit, if you are serious about taking advantage of all the benefits that it has to offer - you need to keep up with your daily Shilajit routine.

Shilajit Detox Natural Way Cleanse Your Body

Why do people buy Shilajit?

Our bioactive Shilajit boasts 85 trace minerals, full-spectrum amino acids, enzymes, and dense phytonutrients. This replaces most synthetic supplements and gives your body the active nutrients it needs to fully activate live food. We value quality and wildcrafted ingredients, each batch carefully impeccably inspected for quality and potency.

  • Highest Quality Resin
  • Independently Tested for Safety
  • Fast & Reliable Worldwide Shipping

Choose the plan the fits you best

1 box contains 15 gr of our finest Natural Shilajit resin. This amount should last you about two months depending on your Shilajit routine.


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The Most Convenient Way to Take Shilajit Resin. Raw Organic Honey mixed with Shilajit resin. 1 tube contains 30 NutriHoney sticks (0.5gr of Shilajit in each stick)


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